Batman is another most famous fictional character created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. A comic book superhero, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27, and later appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics. The Batman also known as “The Caped Crusader”, “The Dark Knight”. Both superheros are confidant and friend while referred as light and dark.

Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, an American billionaire. Who pretend as playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. The young Wayne had witnessed the murder of his parents as a child. Wayne trains himself both physically and intellectually and dons a bat themed costume in order to fight crime. Batman have been assisted by various supporting characters including his partner such as Robin, Alfred Pennyworth and occasionally the heroine Batgirl. Unlike most of the superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers. His “superpower” is intellect, detective skills, science and technology that aid to his continuous war on crime and make him super enough.

Also at the very beginning Batman also introduce as a dark hero or a anti-hero, nut this is another reason for why he is so famous. (Batman is not an Anti-hero) As the matter of fact, Batman became a very popular character soon after his introduction.